What we offer

McFC is active in international business brokerage, working with buyers and sellers throughout the world on Mergers and Acquisitions of businesses, thereby operating as an independent business broker, offering mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory and consulting services to clients within the Netherlands and beyond.

Partnership Sett & Lucas

Early 2015 McFc’s principal –Pieter Sampson- became a Managing Partner of SETT & LUCAS (“S&L”).

Sett & Lucas is a Hong Kong headquartered financial institution that specializes in investment banking, M&A and Capital raising, institutional broking and Venture incubation funding;

The Managing Partnership with S&L entails S&L and Pieter Sampson combining their respective experience, expertise and customer bases to cooperate on potential mergers and acquisitions transaction opportunities.

The parties envisage that their cooperation may take the form of:

  1. Notification of transaction opportunities;
  2. Introduction of potential investors or sellers for transaction opportunities;
  3. Provision of financial advisory services with respect to transaction opportunities including  counterparty sourcing and advice on negotiation, structuring and execution; and
  4. Provision of such other services with respect to transaction opportunities on such terms as the parties may agree.

MACFARLANE Consultancy B.V. is a member of Atlanta-based M&A Source and the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). Pieter Sampson holds a CBI designation with IBBA.